Trendsetter Post Holiday Challenge Ready for Votes!

Hey everyone! I’m trying to win a gift certificate for BEADS!!! My entries are numbers 12 & 13, so if you would go vote for me I would REALLY appreciate it!!!


Bello Modo

We wanted to do something fun and relaxing with the Trendsetter Patterns, and at first were planning on following the intent of the original post from Starman to do this during the holidays but it was hectic and hard to manage a contest in December, our busiest month and I suspected that many people would not be able to play either due to holiday responsibilities so we decided to make this a Post Holiday Challenge.

We now have a stable of over 100 patterns in the Trendsetter Free Pattern folder, and we wanted to do something to highlight all the lovely designs, so, holding this Post-Holiday Challenge felt like it might be a fun after the holidays idea. We asked people to send in photos of jewelry they have made using the Starman Trendsetter patterns. We are pleased to have these entries, and so appreciate all the hard work…

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